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Press review about Net Neutrality

[Gigaom] Europe’s net neutrality law gets breathing space as industry committee delays vote

The European Union’s new package of telecoms laws, which includes the bloc’s first explicit net neutrality legislation, has hit a snag: a crucial vote in the European Parliament’s industry committee was supposed to take place on Monday, but was delayed, ostensibly due to a technicality over translations.

[PCAdvisor] EU Internet survey finds widespread blocking, fueling net neutrality issue

A European Commission survey of 28,000 Internet users [...] found that 41 percent experience problems watching video on a mobile device and 37 percent on a fixed Internet connection. Other services with which users experienced problems include music streaming, playing online games and voice over IP.

The news comes as the debate over a new E.U. "net neutrality" law continues. [...]

[FT] Telecoms groups blast EU Net Neutrality plans

European telecoms groups have criticised proposals that would stop them prioritising higher speed or guaranteed access internet services to be voted on by the European parliament this week.

Etno, the telecoms industry body, has sent a letter criticising amendments to so-called net neutrality regulations that aim to protect the freedom of internet access. The joint letter has been sent to the draftswoman of the proposals as well as Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner for the digital agenda.

[WSJ] Telecoms Step Up Fight Over Net Neutrality

[...] A group of Europe's biggest telecoms, including Deutsche Telekom AG DTE.XE -0.16% and France's Orange SA, ORA.FR -1.42% is fighting provisions in a proposed European law aimed at enforcing net neutrality, a principle that Internet providers shouldn't discriminate against traffic from particular sources.

[...] Telecom providers say they should be free to set aside part of their infrastructure to sell advanced services, such as high-quality video, from particular technology or content companies. [...]

[DW] EU-Ausschuss nicht einig über Netzneutralität

[...] Bis Mai möchte das Europaparlament entscheiden, wie es zukünftig um die Netzneutralität stehen soll. [...]

"Wenn wir über Netzneutralität diskutieren, sprechen wir in Wirklichkeit über das Schicksal des Internets", meint Felix Treguer von "La Quadrature du Net", einer französischen Aktivistengruppe, die sich für Bürgerrechte im Internet einsetzt.

[DW] EU net neutrality vote addresses fate of Internet

[...] Members of the [European] parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy ( ITRE) will vote on a net neutrality proposal on Monday [today]. [...]

Groups in favor of net neutrality formed an online campaign - Save the Internet - calling on Europeans to contact their EU parliamentarians to enshrine net neutrality in law. [...]

[NYTimes] F.C.C. Seeks a New Path on ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

Regulators are taking another crack at their effort to keep the web free and open, introducing new rules that would discourage Internet service providers from charging companies to stream their movies, music and other content through a faster express lane. [...]

[ComputerWorldUK] Urgent: Please Help Save Net Neutrality in the EU

Once again, we need to save net neutrality. This time, there is a crucial vote in the European Parliament's industry committee (ITRE) next Monday. La Quadrature du Net, which has been following this area more closely than anyone, has a good summary of what is happening […]

[Techdirt] Apparently We Are All Confused And Killing Net Neutrality Will Be Just GREAT For Startups

What if I told you that the ham-fisted attempts by giant telecom corporations to abuse their gatekeeper positions anti-competitively are actually great for startups and consumers? Yes, I'd slap me too. Still, this appears to be the central thesis of a new Wired editorial by TechFreedom's Berin Szoka and George Mason University’s Mercatus Center's Brent Skorup, who insist that killing off net neutrality is just what Internet underdogs need. [...]

[PCWorld] EU politicians pledge net neutrality and data privacy to gain votes

[…] Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are directly voted for by European Union citizens in various member states. The next election will take place this May, and in a bid to win votes nearly 30 candidates so far have signed a pledge to protect digital rights.

[BoingBoing] EU elections: ask candidates to sign digital rights pledge

Kirsten From Edri writes, "European Digital Rights (EDRi) has launched WePromise.EU to put digital civil rights on the agenda of the European election. The platform is based on a two-sided promise: On the one hand, parliamentary candidates will be able to endorse a ten point 'Charter of Digital Rights' that supports an open digital environment. On the other, citizens across Europe can in turn sign the petition and promise to vote for candidates that have endorsed the Charter." [...]

[TechDirt] Innovation And Our Better Future Depend On Preserving Net Neutrality

Excellent but opinionated article explaining dynamics of media companies what net neutrality means in terms of culture.

[Wired] Internet Freedom Day: This Year We Go to War for Net Neutrality

Marvin Ammori, fellow at the New America Foundation and a lawyer who represents technology companies on internet policy issues, describes the impact of recent developments in the USA that go against net neutrality and the importance of the "reclassification" required to protect it effectively.

[Golem][de] Netzneutralität und Datenschutz : Reformen kommen nicht mehr vor Europawahlen

Die entscheidenden Internet-Verordnungen der EU werden nicht mehr vor den Europawahlen verabschiedet. Die EU-Länder hätten die Chance auf eine Einigung "beerdigt", sagte der Grünen-Politiker Albrecht zu [...]