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Read the directives proposals in the text and follow their progress during the legislative process

Telecoms Package LawTracks is a tool that allows you to see the text of various versions of the directives of the "telecoms package". You can follow their changes during the legislative process and compare the position of European Union institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council).

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La Quadrature du Net has selected articles which have included, at any stage of the legislative process, some provisions raising concerns about Net Neutrality, three-strikes approach (graduated response), users' privacy, etc. This means that some versions are clear of these dangers, but with Telecoms Package LawTracks, you can find out when and by whom they were introduced. Linked with Political Memory − another free tool by La Quadrature du Net − you can know whether and how your Member of Parliament (MEP) is implied in Telecoms Package and refine your communications with her.

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