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See also our French press review. - Az Európai Parlament elé kerül a Medina-riport

Eva Lichtenberger osztrák EP-képviselő elfogadhatatlannak nevezte Ortega anyagát. A politikus hozzátette: a téma túlzottan fontos ahhoz, hogy az Európai Parlament vita és érdemi párbeszéd nélkül döntsön a kérdésben. A tartalomszűrők és a hozzáférések blokkolása helyett inkább új, az internetes világra jobban alkalmazható jogi modellt kellene kidolgozni, amely egyaránt biztosítaná a szerzői és az alapvető emberi jogokat, de emellett megfelelne az adatvédelmi előírásoknak is.

A javaslatcsomagot korábban már bírálta az Organisation La Quadrature du Net nevű francia szervezet, amely szerint a leírtakban a francia modell köszön vissza és az előterjesztés olyan nevetséges intézkedések halmaza, amiket alighanem a szórakoztatóipar diktált le a politikusnak.

[TorrentFreak] Danish ISPs to Fight the Pirate Bay Block

A Danish court has ruled that all Danish ISPs have to deny their users access to The Pirate Bay. Most broadband providers are not too happy with this unbalanced decision, and three of them have already announced that they will take it to the Supreme Court.

In a court case initiated by the IFPI, a Danish judge ruled last year that Tele2 had to block its users from accessing The Pirate Bay. IFPI argued that Tele2 was assisting in mass copyright infringement, and that access to the site therefore had to be blocked.


[Futurezone Austria] EU: Die Medienindustrie schlägt zurück

Ohne Möglichkeit zur Abänderung oder Diskussion soll Anfang März über einen Bericht zur "Harmonisierung des Urheberrechts" abgestimmt werden. Der "Medina-Report" empfiehlt dem EU-Ministerrat verpflichtende "Kooperation" für Provider und enthält eine Passage, die die Filterung des Internet-Verkehrs voraussetzt. Auch die Publikation wissenschaftlicher Forschungsergebnisse soll diesem Bericht zufolge zuerst privaten Verwertern überlassen werden.

Die "Harmonisierung" [...]

Der versteckte Filter [...]

Nicht akzeptabel [...]

Konservative, Sozialdemokraten [...]

Der Zeitplan [...]

Was "Kooperation" bedeutet [...]

Am Beispiel Software-Patente [...]

Европарламент намерен покончить с незаконным файлообменом

В самое ближайшее время члены Европарламента рассмотрят возможность принятия комплекса мер, направленных на борьбу с незаконным файлообменом, предложенного 73-летним испанским социалистом Мануэлем Ортегой.

Некоторые эксперты, в частности основатель организации La Quadrature du Net Джереми Циммерман, уже назвали предложения г-на Ортеги "нелепыми и противоречащими законам Евросоюза и здравому смыслу".

К этому стоит добавить, что в прошлом году итальянские провайдеры заблокировали доступ пользователей к крупнейшему шведскому торрент-порталу The Pirate Bay, выполнив соответствующее распоряжение властей. Впрочем, через несколько месяцев суд итальянского города Бергамо посчитал, что торрент-трекер The Pirate Bay не нарушает итальянского законодательства и постановил разблокировать ресурс

For those out there who don't understand russian (which is an official UE language though ...) :

In a nearby future, the Member of the European Parliament will examine a bunch of measures aiming at fighting illegal file sharing, proposed by the spanish 73-old socialist MEP, Manuel Ortega.

Some experts, and among them the founder of "La Quadrature du Net" Jeremie Zimmerman, said this text was "ridiculus and in opposition with all UE legisalation and common sense"...

Furthemore, last year, an italian ISP blocked any access to the swedish portal The Pirate Bay, from a state order. But some months after, the italian court of Bergame town said that the torrent tracker was not violating italian laws and decided to remove this blocking

[Open Access News] European Parliament: Licensing to improve access

On January 26, Manuel Medina Ortega, a Member of the European Parliament from Spain, introduced the Commission's report on the application of Directive 2001/29/EC on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society. The report is "non-legislative" but makes recommendations. An unofficial text of the report is available here (changes from the previous draft are in bold text). The European Parliament's Legislative Observatory forecasts it could be taken up in the parliament's next plenary sitting, scheduled for March 2009. Quoting: [...]

[P2P blog] It's Official: No Three Strikes In Germany

Some European countries have been moving towards a so-called three strikes model to disconnect repeat P2P infringers from the Internet, but Germany's not having it. The German Department of Justice recently met up with leading ISPs for a confidential consultation to discuss the music industry's new favored strategy against piracy.

There isn't too much know about what went down behind closed doors, but the German IT news service is reporting that both sides agreed that Three Strikes is incompatible with German pirvacy and telecommunications laws. Participating ISPs called the meeting "successful", according to

The German music industry would probably disagree. The local IFPI branch recently complained that Germany's entertainment industry is going to have a competitive diadvantage if countries like Ireland enact Three Strikes, but Germany doesn't. Ireland's biggest ISP Eircom recently agreed in an out-of-court settlement with major music labels to forward warning notices to alleged infringers. Users that are caught three times will find heir accounts terminated.

[Metamorphosis] EU proposal puts confidential communications data at risk

Civil liberties groups La Quadrature du Net, European Digital Rights (EDRi), AK Vorrat and are urging the European Parliament to heed advice given by the European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx and scrap plans dubbed "voluntary data retention".

"A few months before the elections, citizens will have the opportunity to see if the Members of European Parliament are willing to protect their privacy", declares Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of the citizen's initiative La Quadrature du Net. "Every citizen should inform their MEPs and ask them to massively reject this article 6 (6a) of the ePrivacy directive. Other crucial issues about content and network neutrality are at stake as well.We must remind MEPs that they were elected to protect Europeans' fundamental rights and freedom rather than abolishing them in favour of particular interests.",en/

[] Podcast 073: Philippe Aigrain über die Kulturflatrate

Markus Beckdahl from Netzpolitik interviewed Philippe Aigrain, co-founder of la Quadrature about the future of the culture in the digital environment. Philippe Aigrain answers questions on the proposals developed in his book "Internet & Creation" (presently only in French, extended English edition in the works).

For more info, see the article on (article in German, interview in English).

Direct links :
mp3 podcast
ogg/vorbis podcast

[Torrent Freak] Eircom Customers Wide Open to Erroneous Disconnection | TorrentFreak

Eircom, the Irish ISP that agreed to disconnect alleged file-sharers at the behest of the music industry, has thousands of customers still exposed to a serious security hole. The flaw, which affects up to 250,000 subscribers, could mean they are wrongly accused of something they didn’t do. Thanks to Eircom, they may now lose their Internet connection.

Back in 2007, Eircom was supplying Netopia wireless broadband routers to its customers. Certain models (2247 and 3300) had only weak WEP encryption enabled which is easily hacked if you know how. But even worse, the network encryption key supplied to the customer was an Eircom-generated one, a choice which was set to cause many potential security problems.

Unfortunately for Eircom and its customers, it didn’t take long for their setup to be exploited. Aside from standard WEP-crack apps, several pieces of software became available on the web to instantly crack the protection on these routers. Within seconds, the software allows anyone to access an Eircom customer’s connection without permission.


In the meantime, thanks to Eircom’s deal with the music industry, anyone in this position can have their connection used by an unauthorized file-sharer, and along with that the prospect of being accused of something they haven’t done.

Equally, anyone with one of these routers could simply claim they have been the victim of a hacker and Eircom would have to believe them. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this situation before long.

[Torrent Freak] EU Plots Pirate Bay Ban and Piracy Clampdown

In a few weeks time, members of the European Parliament will vote on the Medina report, which proposes a wide range of anti-piracy measures and regulations. The report specifically mentions The Pirate Bay, and it approves actions by national courts against the popular BitTorrent tracker.

The proposals in the report, drafted by the 73 year old Spanish socialist Manuel Medina Ortega, show many similarities to the wish lists of the RIAA, IFPI and MPAA we published earlier. The report calls for more responsibility and liability for ISPs, while copyright infringing content has to be filtered from the Internet.

Even though the European Parliament has voted against so called “three-strikes” proposals twice before, this is also suggested as a viable measure against piracy. It’s proposed that ISPs should disconnect subscribers who share copyrighted content, based on information provided by the entertainment industry.


More details are available on La Quadrature, with Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of the site commenting, “The Medina report is ridiculous and full of repressive measures. It is in total contradiction with what MEPs voted twice against ‘graduated response’ and with the realities of Internet. It only favors entertainment industries and doesn’t contain anything for culture, the artists, or their public.

Of course, we encourage all of our European readers to write to their representatives in the European Parliament, as this is clearly not the right path to take.

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