[TheGuardian] Max Schrems Facebook privacy complaint to be investigated in Ireland

The privacy campaigner who successfully challenged a treaty which allowed the data of millions of European citizens to be transferred to the US has warned he may take more cases.
Max Schrems is to have his groundbreaking complaint over the alleged movement of personal information by Facebook investigated by Ireland’s online watchdog after a near three-year fight. [...]

The campaigner said watchdogs in 28 European states will now be able to accept complaints about the movement of personal information. [...]

The big question is going to be if the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is going to do its job,” he said.
They pledged that they will really investigate things swiftly. My last experience was that a complaint takes up to three years and nothing comes out of it but they now pledge the opposite and I hope that’s going to be the case.

Schrems warned it would be very hard for European and US authorities to create a new version of safe harbour based on the ECJ ruling.
I think for the US on the one hand they would have to turn down their surveillance state and the only thing they would get is a little easier access to the European market,” he said.
I doubt it is going to be possible to get a second Safe Harbour that also withstands another challenge at the ECJ … the court has been very clear a new Safe Harbour would have to give you the same rights as you have in Europe. That’s going to be hard to get a deal on.” [...]