[EurActiv] Italian Presidency vows telecoms reform by end of 2014

Italy’s incoming presidency of the EU will focus on adopting the entire telecoms reform by the end of the year and will avoid splitting the package to put aside the most controversial issues, a member of the Italian government told EurActiv. [...]

He insisted that the package has been devised as “unitary” and therefore needs to stay as it is, ruling out that some controversial elements of the reform may be taken away, such as the net neutrality. [...]

The digital work programme of the next EU presidency, which will start in July, underlines that it “will focus its work on the legislative proposals related to the Connected Continent package”.
The programme also includes, as top issues, progress on a “high common level of network and information security” and on the directive dealing with the accessibility and usability of the Internet, notably of public administration’s websites. [...]