[Forbes] 'Privacy Will Be Something Only The Upscale Enjoy': 15 Predictions About Our Digital Future

The World Wide Web, birthed in a paper authored by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on March 12th, 1989, turns 25 today. After some gawky adolescent years, filled with fraud, lawlessness and technicolor gifs, it’s emerged as the defining force of today’s world. [...]

We all understand, at least subconsciously, that things are changing quickly. But what will the world really look like in 10 years? In a report released yesterday, titled Digital Life in 2025, the Pew Research Center attempts to answer that question via a poll of 2600 technology experts. The end result is a collection of 15 predictions—eight positive, six negative, and one sort of neutral recommendation regarding societal planning going forward. [...]

The dark side, according to the report, includes a potentially destabilizing uptick in global inequality, along with a serious reduction in privacy. The report also warns of an increased potential for large-scale abuse (think NSA, and the sophisticated hacking attacks directed at companies like Target), and the risk of backlash from governments and organizations lashing out in the face of rapid change. [...]