[TechDirt] US-EU Relations After Two Important Votes In European Parliament

Glyn Moody's analysis of the major outcomes of two important votes in the European Parliament, one on data protection and the other on NSA surveillance. With regard to data protection, the regulation, would restrict data transfers to non-EU countries, deterrent fines for companies that break the rules, better protection of data on the internet, e.g. introducing the right to have one's personal data erased.

Moody points out however, that "this vote in the European Parliament is not the end of the story [...] the European Council of the European Union [...] must agree."

With regard to the vote on NSA surveillance, the Parliament included "the threat that the European Parliament will withhold its consent to any free trade agreement if data protection is included, or the NSA surveillance is not scaled back". Moreover, it included a "European whistle-blower protection programme" though it rejected a call on support for Edward Snowden directly.

However, "As with the data protection vote, it's not yet clear what effect the approval of the resolution will have. It is not binding, and it would be for the European Commission to implement."