[Techdirt] Apparently We Are All Confused And Killing Net Neutrality Will Be Just GREAT For Startups

What if I told you that the ham-fisted attempts by giant telecom corporations to abuse their gatekeeper positions anti-competitively are actually great for startups and consumers? Yes, I'd slap me too. Still, this appears to be the central thesis of a new Wired editorial by TechFreedom's Berin Szoka and George Mason University’s Mercatus Center's Brent Skorup, who insist that killing off net neutrality is just what Internet underdogs need. [...]

Whether it's pretending that an [Federal Communications Commission] FCC with a history of apathy, incompetence and deregulatory tendencies is a bigger threat than predatory monopolies or the insistence that incumbent ISPs are faultless for any part of the country's broadband competition problems, you'll notice one common refrain: the nation's giant telecom companies can do no wrong and it's always somebody else that's to blame