[Edri] ENDitorial: Licences for Europe - user generated content and Commission-generated users

While the entire “Licences for Europe1 project has been through a lot of turmoil and subsequently criticised for its lack of credibility, the so-called “Working Group 2 on User-Generated Content” takes absurdity to a whole new dictionary-changing level. [...]

At a subsequent meeting, Ms Morenets did finally turn up. After repeated questioning about if or how she could claim to represent the Youth IGF, she changed her affiliation and said that she was representing “Together Against Cybercrime”. As a representative of Internet users, her organisation is listed as “civil society” at an event she is organising at the Internet Governance Forum. On the other hand, her profile on the IGF website describes her as the CEO of her own consulting company, and explains that it is “a consultancy firm specialised in research of European funding opportunities and sponsoring, especially in the field of ICT programs and the protection of intellectual property rights.” [...]


  • 1. Some context is maybe needed : you can read here if you need some elements to understand this article.