[DebatPublic] [blog] It's just time

In Europe and elsewhere, societies are in a strange state. Even when not voicing it, many are indignant at social injustice, at the apathy in face of ecological challenges, at the ruling groups, their blind economicism and their colluded interests, at the development of pervasive control and surveillance. Meanwhile, citizens and societal groups develop new capabilities to express themselves and act. […]

La Quadrature du Net defends fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital sphere, in France, in Europe and globally. It promotes capability-building for everyone to make a constructive use of information technology and the Internet. This is but one of the urgent actions that demand your involvment and your support. However, all of the others depend on it. […]

However, this will turn into a reality only if the support of individual donors grows in proportion, as it started to do at the end of 2012. In our present campaign, we have decided to represent each of your contributions as a “Pi-xel” on a logo that will be filled as they accumulate. This is not just an image, it is for you to build the freedoms and digital capabilities for which we act.

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