[TorrentFreak] High Court Gives Irish ISPs 30 Days To Block The Pirate Bay

The High Court in Ireland has made its decision in a copyright infringement case brought by the major recording labels against several top ranking ISPs. The labels said that the service providers should be prohibited from facilitating subscriber access to The Pirate Bay and today the Court agreed. UPC, Imagine, Vodafone, Digiweb, Hutchison 3G and Telefonica O2 now have 30 days in which to block the infamous torrent site. [...]

Despite being innocent parties, the ISPs will have to swallow the costs of initiating the blockade. In line with IRMA’s demands they have just 30 days to do so, meaning that by mid July the majority of Ireland’s Internet users will have to find a new way to access the site, whether that be via proxies or VPNs.

It remains to be seen whether the ISPs will also block proxy sites as they did in the UK this week, but it is likely that the labels have learned from their past experiences making this a distinct possibility.