[Computerworld] Judge awards class action status in privacy lawsuit vs. comScore

A federal court in Chicago this week granted class action status to a lawsuit accusing comScore, one of the Internet's largest user tracking firms, of secretly collecting and selling Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and other personal data collected from consumer systems. [...]

To collect data, comScore's software modifies computer firewall settings, redirects Internet traffic, and can be upgraded and controlled remotely, the complaint alleged. The suit challenged comScore's assertions that it filtered out personal information from data sold to third parties, and of intercepting data it had no business to access. [...]

In a 20-page ruling on Tuesday, District Judge James Holderman of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois granted the two plaintiffs the class action status they had been seeking. The ruling means that any individual who downloaded and installed comScore's tracking software on their systems after 2005 now has a claim against the company. [...]