[Zdnet] France puts net neutrality law on ice

Were some expecting too much from a net neutrality roundtable organised by France's digital economy minister? Perhaps - but the lack of action and the promise of more discussion has clearly disappointed. [...]

The delays did not go down well among net neutrality's supporters. In a press release, the French internet advocacy group La Quadrature du Net asked: "What's the use of Fleur Pellerin?" According to the organisation, this week's roundtable has only been useful to "hide the minister's lack of action" with Pellerin "once again postponing plans for a law that would defend citizens". [...]

Benjamin Bayart, president of the French Data Network, a non-profit telecommunications operator, said he was surprised the country is still debating whether net neutrality should be enshrined in law. "If we're still discussing net neutrality, it's because politicians haven't decided to do their job," he added. [...]