[Europarl] Compatibility of ACTA with Fundamental Rights

Statements by NGO representatives and extracts from concluding remarks by Dimitrios DROUTSAS (S&D, EL) rapporteur

Transcript of Jeremie Zimmermann's statement :

« The legal arguments are not anymore the ones that matter, because it is now obvious for everyone, that ACTA is a political question and that beyond ACTA are those extremely political questions of : what do we want as a future of copyright ? What do we want as a future for enforcement, and will we let this enforcement of copyright hurt fundamental freedoms online and hurt what we share as a common and universal infrastructure that is the free Internet.

This is a choice as a society that we have to face. Does all that is in our power to maintain this infrastructure universal, accessible to others without barriers or do we buy the argument that : "oh! Culture will die, music will die, movies will die, therefore we have to control the Internet, therefore we have to turn it into a television 2.0. I don't buy this. I don't buy this and facts prove me right. It's even the HADOPI, in France, the three-strikes authority in French, in its own study that shows that people how do filesharing spend much more for culture than people how do not. »