[TotalTelecom] European operators throttling P2P, VoIP traffic – regulators

BEREC releases initial findings from telco report; meanwhile, Internet freedom group repeats call for EU-wide net neutrality law. [...]

"The most frequently reported traffic management practices are the blocking and/or throttling of peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, on both fixed and mobile networks, and the blocking of voice over IP (VoIP) traffic (mostly on mobile networks, usually based on specific contract terms)," said BEREC, in a statement. "When blocking/throttling is implemented in the network, it is typically done through deep packet inspection (DPI)." [...]

Internet freedom advocacy group La Quadrature du Net described claimed the techniques are restrictive and intrusive.

"These preliminary findings prove that EU operators impose unjustifiable restrictions to Internet access on both fixed and mobile networks, such as blocking and throttling of P2P or VoIP services," said La Quadrature spokesman Jérémie Zimmermann, in a statement.