[DigitalJournal] Op-Ed: Internet censorship and how it can affect innocent websites

In just two examples of internet censorship gone wrong, 92,000 innocent websites lost business and possibly also their good reputation. [...]

On 17th February 2011, RT reported that the US had mistakenly shut down 84,000 websites, wrongfully accused of having links to child pornography during a child porn raid. [...]

Unfortunately, in the process, they also mistakenly seized a large DNS service provider. This provider, owned by FreeDNS hosts some 84,000 domains - none of which are connected to child pornography. [...]

On 2 March 2012, RT reported on a similar situation in Denmark - also connected with child pornography. [...]

Even though SOPA and PIPA are effectively dead, and hopefully ACTA will soon follow them, even without these draconian measures there are more and more occurrences of this nature, endangering the free internet. [...]