[IP-Watch] US Internet Neutrality Flare-Up Resonates Internationally

A network neutrality policy proposed recently by industry giants Google and Verizon not only sparked controversy here in the United States, but the news is making waves internationally as well.

Pro-neutrality groups [...] blasted the proposal as one that would only benefit industry behemoths and would be a detriment to startups, consumers, and others. They argue in favour of neutrality for all parts of the internet and against allowing service providers to block or restrict certain users over others.

The Google/Verizon could have a lasting impact on the Net neutrality debate everywhere, especially if it is followed by [legislation], in the US and beyond,” said LQDN spokesman Jérémie Zimmermann. “The lobbying power of these two companies combined with that of other telcos agreeing with their position – AT&T, etcetera – is huge.