European privacy protection authority condemns ACTA

Today, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has issued an opinion critical of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement currently under negotiations. This document is a blow for the negotiators of ACTA, who should now publicly oppose the inclusion of liberty-killer provisions in the agreement.

The EDPS, an independent institution in charge of protecting citizens' privacy and personal data, strongly criticizes the secrecy surrounding the negotiations. It also expresses its concern over the "three strikes" policies and Internet filtering measures, which are reportedly part of the U.S proposal for the ACTA Internet Chapter. According to the EDPS analysis, these measures aimed at tackling non-commercial exchanges of copyrighted works over the Internet would violate citizens' fundamental rights as guaranteed by European law.

As noted by the EDPS, these dangerous measures are also being considered by some Member States, by the Commission's Internal Market Directorate General1, and by Marielle Gallo, Member of the European Parliament, who is in charge of a report on "intellectual property rights" (IPR) enforcement2.

See the EDPS press release and the 20-page opinion.