[IP-watch.org] EU Telecom Package To Enter Into Force In December

The European Parliament today formally approved an update to European telecommunications rules aimed at enforcing consumer rights and supporting a single European market. But the change might also leave the door open for legislation restricting the internet in member countries and potentially questionable traffic management practice by internet service providers, according to a consumer group. [...]

According to La Quadrature du Net, the approved final text “could represent a step backwards in many member states with regards to the defence of the fundamental right of access to internet.” The advocacy group said the internet freedom provision included in the text “leaves the door open for restrictions of internet connections without a prior judicial decision.” [...]

According to the EU, the next steps are the entry into force of the whole telecoms reform package in December 2009, the establishment of the BEREC in the spring of 2010, and the transposition of the package into national legislation in the 27 EU member states by June 2011.