[ArsTechnica] French « 3 strikes » law returns, now with judicial oversight!

The French Senate has once again approved a reworked version of the country's controversial "three strikes" bill designed to appease the Constitutional Council. Instead of a state-appointed agency cutting off those accused of being repeat offenders, judges will have the final say over punishment. [...]

Bring in the judges

Not content to let the idea die, President Nicolas Sarkozy's administration reworked the law in hopes of making it amenable to the Council [...]

While certainly an improvement, even the new version of the bill cannot escape criticism from open Internet groups, who still believe that the system makes it too easy for non-judicial entities to enforce punishments. In a post to its website, La Quadrature du Net wrote that those who approved the bill are trying to reduce the courts to nothing more than a rubber stamp and that the bill mocks the values of the constitution. The group called on other legislators to denounce the bill when it comes to a vote later this month.