[Wired] Cloud Computing Snafu Shares Private Data Between Users

New York startup DigitalOcean says that its cloud server platform may be leaking data between its customers. [...]

But he stressed that only a small percentage of customers — those who have a 4-GB or larger CPU memory plan — might have had their data exposed. That amounts to a maximum of about 3 percent of the company’s customer base, though even fewer are likely affected, Uretsky says. The data White uncovered was from a company that used one of these larger plans and then did not erase its data when it terminated its contract.

Smaller-scale users — those with 1-GB or 2-GB plans, for example — use a different type of storage technology that automatically wipes their data when they close out their accounts, he says.

That’s cold comfort for White. He says that the lesson here is to verify your cloud provider’s security yourself. “I’m just shocked that in 2013 we’re seeing this,” he says. “Formatting the drive before I get it; yeah that would be good.” [...]