[TorrentFreak] How SOPA Can Kill Reddit and Many Other US Sites

Supporters of SOPA and PIPA, two bills that aim to deter piracy, claim that they will only affect foreign sites and businesses. However, this view is not shared by a wide range of opponents, including the people behind the popular Reddit community. But how exactly can SOPA and PIPA threaten sites like Reddit? Leading First Amendment lawyer and Internet policy expert Marvin Ammori explains.

The former law professor says that thousands of US businesses, large and small, may be hit by the bills if they pass Congress. Ammori explains his views in a recent article where he lists three scenarios under which American websites could be targeted.

Reading the above it’s clear that the current language of the bills could indeed have far-reaching consequences. [...] Perhaps even for TorrentFreak, should we report on how people are making tools that can circumvent SOPA and PIPA.