[Timesofmalta] The deactivation of Acta

Acta is an international agreement created by the United States and Japan – and in some cases signed without public consultation – but excluding some European countries like Germany, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic and negotiated in secret with main international companies.[...]

History shows that lovers of limitation of information and artistic expression regularly try to choke the artistic and intellectual freedom of the individual. Coincidentally, they never say that their intention is to place a bandage over your mouth, ears and eyes, resulting in covering up your mind after making you look like a helpless mummy.[...]

The intolerance of Acta is too historically transparent. Acta is, by its very nature, incompatible with modern European political tendencies. [...] Acta is a hiccup in a popularist European mentality that promotes art and education for the worker. Maltese legislation to counteract the negativity of Acta is not a solution. It is best relegated to the limbo of European political history.