[TheMaltaIndependent] ACTA – mountain or molehill?

It seems that the much-debated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) may very well be an agreement that is dead in the water. For several weeks now, the controversy surrounding this agreement has raised some strong and passionate arguments, some founded and some not. [...]

There may have been a number of reasons (and motives!) for the vociferous reaction across the globe against the agreement. Essentially, keen opponents of ACTA are adamant that this legislation will impinge on the fundamental and civil digital rights of the individual. The claims put forward by its opponents suggest that it will breach the right of free expression and privacy in communication. ACTA’s opponents believe that its enactment will provide governments and big business free access to people’s lives reminiscent of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’. [...]

The violent reaction to ACTA immediately grabbed the attention of European politicians and indeed some countries have postponed signing ACTA’s ratification, among which are Germany, Latvia and Poland. The confusion surrounding ACTA was also felt in Malta. [...] The Prime Minister has made it clear that no agreement will for any reason infringe or threaten the right of free expression on the Internet. Hence the Prime Minister is to present a Bill that will guarantee and recognise four new civil rights.[...]