[Techdirt] UK Government Study Tries To Gloss Over TAFTA/TTIP's Problems With Impossibly Precise Figures

As Europe gets back down to business after its traditional summer break, the second round of the negotiations for the proposed TAFTA/TTIP treaty is beginning. And so is the pro-treaty propaganda. Here, for example, is a 70-page document entitled "TTIP and the Fifty States: Jobs and Growth from Coast to Coast" (pdf). It comes from the British government, and is aimed at convincing the US states that TAFTA/TTIP will be good for their economies and citizens. [...]

This is plainly absurd. In fact, the problems with the analysis run far deeper than just this question of exaggerated precision. An illuminating Public Citizen post singles out five particularly serious issues here.

  • #1. The "new" study is not really new. [...]
  • #2. The study confirms again that TAFTA is not about trade. [...]
  • #3. The study assumes zero downside of eliminating consumer and environmental safeguards. [...]
  • #4. The study uses contested models with assumptions that can turn economic losses into gains. [...]
  • #5. The study assumes a massive rollback of Buy American and Buy Local policies. [...]

Expect to see plenty more studies from both sides of the Atlantic trying to convince the public it's worth giving up a few old health and safety rules, and some silly Buy Local schemes, in order to enjoy those three cents extra each day.