[TechDirt] TPP IP Chapter Leaked, Confirming It's Worse Than ACTA

Wikileaks has published a draft of the chapter on Intellectual Property (IP) of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement dated 30 August.

The article quotes heavily from an analysis by Knowledge Ecology International, highlighting that, "access to life-saving medicines would be curtailed, while the scope of patents would be extended to include surgical methods, for example", the proposal would moreover greatly extend the number of years that copyrighted material is protected.

TPP would strengthen actions against copyright infringement and furthermore, it proposes stronger restrictions on what is exempted from copyright and would make it "illegal to circumvent DRM even if it has been applied to materials that are in the public domain".

In summary the article writes that, "TPP builds on ACTA directly, while the other measures discussed above show how it goes well beyond it in many respects."

"That's the bad news. The good news is that we now have a very recent draft of what is perhaps the most contentious section of the agreement. [...] The hope has to be that [...] they will make their feelings known to their political representatives as they did with SOPA and ACTA -- and with the same final result. "