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[Schultz] An Open Letter to the the French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Mr. President,

I am writing you on my very own behalf.

I have a bone to pick with you, and the readers of my blog should know my opinion in regards to what you and your government are trying to do to the Internet in the name of the so-called French culture. So in respect of the international audience of this blog, I am compelled to address you in English.


Culture, and more precisely French culture, strikes me today as being something you and I have come to disagree on. Your " Three Strikes" approach to what is referred to as the " Internet Piracy" appears to me and many others as failing to address today's challenges of our connected world while depriving citizens and businesses alike from the most elementary rights. Is this your solution to preserving the French culture?


This calls for three major objections:

First, "killing the artistic creation" does not mean what it initially seems to. ...

Second, this " Internet Piracy" as some call it, is a vague concept. ...

Third and last, I would like to point out what I believe to be a lack of coherence with the rationale put forth in this project. ...

[] Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

France has suggested an amendment to the pan-European Telecoms Package, which would bar broadband access to anyone who persists in illegally downloading music or films.

Action groups, Open Rights Group and La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) have been actively campaigning on the issue. They believe the amendments will "pave the way for the monitoring and filtering of the internet by private companies, exceptional courts and Orwellian technical measures".

[Informa¡tica Verde] Hay que parar a los europarlamentarios antes del lunes!

En el Parlamento Europeo están a punto de votar una barbaridad.


El lunes 7, a las 7 de la tarde, en Estrasburgo, se reúne el comité de Mercado Interno y Protección del Consumidor (IMCO). En el orden del día, el Paquete de Telecomunicaciones. Se votarán las enmiendas bautizadas como "enmiendas-torpedo" por la Asociación de Internautas y La Quadrature du Net. Se trata de otro ataque a la libertad y a la neutralidad de la red, en un nuevo intento de evitar las descargas que ellos llaman "ilegales" (nosotros decimos "compartir").

[Internautas] En el Parlamento Europeo están a punto de votar una barbaridad.

El lunes 7, a las 7 de la tarde, en Estrasburgo, se rene el comit de Mercado Interno y Proteccin del Consumidor (IMCO). En el orden del da, el Paquete de Telecomunicaciones. Se votarn las enmiendas bautizadas como "enmiendas-torpedo" por la Asociacin de Internautas y La Quadrature du Net. Se trata de otro ataque a la libertad y a la neutralidad de la red, en un nuevo intento de evitar las descargas que ellos llaman "ilegales" (nosotros decimos "compartir").

[internautas] Eurodiputados quieren torpedear la libertad en Internet el 7 de Julio

Eurodiputados quieren torpedear la libertad en Internet el 7 de Julio

Una semana antes de un voto crucial en la reforma de la ley europea de comunicaciones electrónicas, La Quadrature du Net (La Cuadratura de la Red) denuncia una serie de enmiendas dirigidas a cerrar la arquitectura abierta de Internet para un mayor control y vigilancia de los usuarios.

03-07-2008 - Nota traducida de la Quadrature du net

Bruselas, 1 de julio de 2008 , actualizado el 2 de julio de 2008-07-02

A los usuarios de Internet de Europa se les podría impedir realizar actividades lícitas por medio de spyware obligatorio, en aras a su seguridad. Por tanto, el derecho a usar software libre para acceder a Internet no estaría asegurado nunca más. La neutralidad de la Red también está directamente atacada, al ser el principio de que los intermediarios técnicos no tienen la obligación de la vigilancia previa de los contenidos. Otras enmiendas permitirán de facto a las autoridades administrativas a que obliguen a los ISPs a trabajar conjuntamente con la policía privada de los productores de contenidos y de los gestores de derechos de autor, incluído el envío de mensajes intimidatorios, sin supervisión judicial.

[Slashdot] ISPs to Ban P2P With New European Telecom Package?

"ZeroPaid is reporting that ISPs could be turned into the copyright police through European legislation that received a number of 'intellectual property' amendments. Many of these amendments can be found here. Judging by the amendments, ISPs could be mandated to block legitimate traffic in an effort to 'prevent' illegitimate traffic. To help stop this legislation, you can check out the action page. Additional coverage can be found on EDRI and Open Rights Group."

[EDRI] Control on Internet users pushed with the new telecom package

An appeal from three European NGOs - La Quadrature du Net, and EDRi-member Open Rights Group - reveal some disturbing MEPs amendments to the draft directives to reform the EU framework on electronic communications (telecom package).

The review of the telecom package was merely focusing on telecom-related issues (except for discussions on the ePrivacy directive, which is the subject of another EDRi-gram article in the current issue), but some of the 800 amendments on the 5 directives that form the current package might go further than just establishing the rules for a functioning electronic communications market and could endanger the principle of the neutrality of the Internet.


"The politicians who engage in these summer manoeuvres dishonour Europe and their mandate. They rely on the fact that nobody watches them few days before Parliamentary holiday, to divert the Telecom package from its primary objectives of consumer protection. They pave the way for the monitoring and filtering of the Internet by private companies, exceptional courts and Orwellian technical measures. It is inconceivable for freedom but also for European economic development. We call on all MEPs to oppose what they have already rejected." said Christophe Espern, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net).

[] Europaweite Kampagne gegen Überwachungspläne im EU-Telecom-Paket Meldung

Bürgerrechtler und Blogger rufen zu Protesten gegen jüngste Änderungsanträge zur geplanten Novelle des EU-Gesetzespakets zur Regulierung des Telekommunikationsmarktes auf.

In den umstrittenen Vorschlägen konservativer Abgeordneter geht es vor allem um die Einführung einer Regelung, wonach Internetzugänge bei wiederholten Urheberrechtsverletzungen gekappt werden sollen ("Three-Strikes"-Bestimmung). Generell soll die Nutzung illegaler Inhalte durch ein staatlich lizenziertes Überwachungssystem verhindert werden. Die Änderungsanträge würden aber noch weit darüber hinausgehen, heißt es in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung der Bürgerrechtsorganisationen La Quadrature du Net aus Frankreich und der britischen Open Rights Group mit dem Blog Es würde auch das Prinzip der Freiheit und Offenheit des Internet in Form der Netzneutralität gefährdet.


Die Internetnutzer rufen die Bürgerrechtler auf, sich noch im Lauf der Woche vor den entscheidenden Ausschussabstimmungen am Montag an ihre Volksvertreter in Brüssel zu wenden und sie auf die verheerenden "Torpedo-Ergänzungen" hinzuweisen. Sie haben dazu eine Wiki-Seite eingerichtet mit ganz konkreten Anleitungen auf Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch, wie konkret welche Abgeordnete per E-Mail und Telefon kontaktiert werden sollten. Die Hinweise reichen bis hin zu detaillierten Gesprächsvorgaben für Anrufe. Ziel ist es den Parlamentariern nahe zu legen, gegen die Änderungsanträge zu votieren. (Stefan Krempl)

[] The online-witch hunt continues. The French do it too

Yes, everybody’s trying to punish the “bloody” pirates, who don’t give a damn about copyright policies and do their best to share information with other Internet consumers.


In an article published today in “Le Monde”, they say that the government is now trying to find the best solutions to domesticate those people so fond of “téléchargement illicite”. But their strategy is a more pedagogical one.


I’m pretty curious what the final law against illegal downloads will look like in France. Anyway, it’s funny to see how they all try to find the aproppriate solutions for fighting against one of the most “natural” consequences of Internet consumption. Thank God in Romania we’re some good years behind as far as copyright laws are concerned.

[ZeroPaid] French RIAA Announces Deadline to Ban File-Sharers from the Internet

The EFF points us to new disturbing demands by the French version of the RIAA known as SNEP (Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique). Among the demands are a deadline for laws to be put in place that would disconnecting file-sharers from the internet and the ability to serve as police, judge and jury against French P2P users.

When it comes to making what many see as far fetched claims about copyright, many think of copyright industry bodies inside the United States. Recently though, it seems as though there are dramatic claims and demands coming out of the French copyright industry recently.

The EFF recently pointed to a posting made by La Quadrature Du Net (Squaring the Net) which shows, among other things, a leaked copy of the proposed French law.

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