Your help is welcome!

There are various ways to take part in La Quadrature du Net's action. Here are a few examples:

  • Talk about La Quadrature du Net around you
  • Warn decision makers and political representatives
    You can contact Members of the national Parliament, and Members of the European Parliament to share your concerns and ask them to act against Internet related law projects that endanger individual freedoms. You will finf all the information about your elected representatives on La Quadrature du Net's political memory.
  • Show your support on the website
    If you work for a non-governmental organizations, it is welcome to show its support to La Quadrature du Net. To do so, contact us and provide us with a description of your structure (French / English), a logo (High Definition if possible), a contact address, and optionally a quote explaining the reasons for its support.

Ask your questions

You can ask your questions to La Quadrature du Net's volunteers by leaving a message on our Twitter account @UnGarage, or using our contact form.

How to help us directly

Sart by acquainting yourself with La Quadrature and it's tools. Then, if...

  • you only have a few minutes:
    • Visit the website and give us your opinion on each page, using our contact form.
    • We need your opinion on some ongoing projects. The list is available here.
    • Contribute to La Quadrature's wiki by adding new content, consolidating existing content or correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • you follow news online:
    • Join the press review team, by subscribing to the RP mailing-list or better yet, finding us on IRC channel freenode #lqdn-rp.
    • Record La Quadrature du Net's interventions in the media and contact us to know the upload process.
  • you speak several languages
    Watch out for translation calls on Twitter or on the translation mailing-list.

  • you have graphic skills
    Join the "graphisme" mailing-list to contribute. We are especially looking for creation of banners, buttons...

  • you have legal skills
    Join the "juridique" mailing-list to be kept informed and offer your expertise.