[TorrentFreak] Court Orders 20 Big Piracy Sites Blocked in Denmark

Following a complaint filed by anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, 20 leading 'pirate' sites will soon be blocked in Denmark. The blocking order, handed down yesterday by a district court, will be respected by the country's leading ISPs following the signing of a piracy code of conduct in 2014. [...]

According to many of the world’s leading anti-piracy groups, site blocking is one of the most effective tools when it comes to reducing instances of online piracy. It’s a technique employed in a growing list of countries around the world, in Europe in particular. [...]

After obtaining an order from the District Court in Frederiksberg yesterday, an additional 20 piracy sites will now be blocked at the ISP level. [...]

And for Danish users, the blocking won’t stop here. Maria Fredenslund [CEO of Right Alliance, NdlR] says that the effort will continue for as long as the anti-piracy group views it as an effective tool to combat infringement. [...]