[My Goethe.de] The Music Industry in Flux: Only the Creative Will Survive

What can musicians do when nobody wants to buy their records anymore? Just take a glance into the World Wide Web and it’s clear to see: opportunities for becoming famous there have never been greater. But when it comes to making money, that’s when things get difficult. [...]

Jeremie Zimmermann, a net activist from Paris, who campaigns against the French law for Internet bans, which threatens users caught sharing files three times with a cap on their online access for a period of several months, no longer believes the concept of earning money with “1:1” copies, as he calls them, works. “It’s over, finished”, the 31-year old says. The digital era has simply made it too easy to reproduce content without any loss in quality and too difficult to explain to today’s users why they should pay money for digital content. He even has an idea at the ready how artists will be able to make a living in future. People are still willing to pay good money for events, concerts, meetings with stars or even merchandising.