[ComputerWorldUK] Big EU Votes on Net Neutrality and Clinical Trials Data

Like me, you are probably getting slightly tired of the net neutrality saga in Europe. It has dragged on for years now, and it's tempting just to throw up your hands and move on to something else. But boring as it may be, net neutrality really matters: it defines the essence of the Internet, and if we lose true net neutrality, we lose the Internet that we have known for the past two decades. Significantly, net neutrality has just been guaranteed in Brazil through the passing of what is known as the Marco Civil; it would be unforgivable if Europe failed to do the same.

For that reason, I would urge you to contact your MEPs one last time on this subject. What should be the final vote will take place on Thursday, 3 April. That follows the unsatisfactory vote in the ITRE committee that took place recently, where a compromised version of the text was narrowly approved. However, MEPs fighting for true net neutrality have not given up, and have come up with new amendments that will address the failings of the proposed text. […]