[Broadband Finder] Europe: File-sharers will not lose connection

Broadband users who are caught sharing files should not lose their internet connection according to European politicians who threw out the suggestion, reports the BBC.

It had been proposed that consumers caught pirating material such as songs or films would not be able to continue using the internet - with the service providers policing usage.

However, as French broadband users prepare to face tougher action against piracy, the European Parliament voted in an amendment to the bill on the issue, which claimed that banning users was against civil liberties.

A spokesperson is reported as saying: "The vote shows that MEPs want to strike a balance between the interests of rights holders and those of consumers, and that big measures like cutting off internet access shouldn't be used."

Earlier in the year, the BBC reported that UK internet providers said that they were unable to fulfill a government request to closely monitor broadband usage, with the Internet Service Providers Association explaining that they are not responsible for network traffic.