[blogactiv.eu] Scrap plans for voluntary data retention !

Press release by La Quadrature du Net, European Digital Rights (EDRi),
Working Group on Data Retention (AK Vorrat), and Netzpolitik.org, 2009-01-28:
EU proposal puts confidential communications data at risk
Civil liberties groups La Quadrature du Net, European Digital Rights
(EDRi), AK Vorrat, and Netzpolitik.org are urging the European Parliament
to heed advice given by the European Data Protection Supervisor Peter
Hustinx [...]


In a paper published earlier this month, European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx joined the critics, warning the proposal would constitute a “risk of abuse” and “may be interpreted as enabling the collection and processing of traffic data for security purposes for an unspecified period of time.” Hustinx reached “the conclusion that the best outcome would be for the proposed Article 6.6(a) to be deleted altogether” - a view firmly shared by La Quadrature du Net, EDRi, netzpolitik.org and AK Vorrat.

La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) is a France-based citizen group informing about legislative projects menacing civil liberties as well as economic and social development in the digital age. It became well known in the summer of 2008 for putting the spotlight on draft provisions in the EU telecom package that would allow a private, unaccountable regime for cutting citizens off the internet for alleged copyright infringements.