[ArsTechnica] Crunch time for net neutrality rules, says EU digital rights warrior

The next few months will be a critical time for net neutrality in the EU, according to the chief of Europe's digital rights' lobby group.

Joe McNamee, executive director of EDRi, told Ars that it was crucial to engage people about the issue over the course of the next few months. Draft net neutrality guidelines are due to be presented by the European Commission on June 6, followed by a consultation for 20 working days on those proposed rules. [...]

At the beginning of this month, EDRi—together with 72 other NGOs—sent a letter to the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communication (BEREC) calling on it to safeguard the open Internet in forthcoming negotiations. [...]

The NGOs want "careful consideration" of "specialised services," and for so-called zero rating to be outlawed. Alongside its campaign for strong net neutrality guidelines, EDRi has also set up a website (RespectMyNet.eu), where Internet users can report supposed net neutrality violations. [...]