[EconomicTimes] A lucky accident: Net neutrality changed the world for the better, let's keep it that way

The concept of network neutrality was unplanned, an accident even, but a lucky one that did more to encourage internet innovation. [...]

Net neutrality was born not through any conscious design, but because the internet was incapable of being anything but neutral. This best-effort nature of the early internet's design, however, did have a profound effect on competition and innovation within the internet. [...]

Google, Facebook and other companies succeeded because the network neither hindered them nor helped their competition. [...]

Central to today's debate is the effort by ISPs to undermine net neutrality in order to make more money than they can do by simply transmitting packets. [...]

Network neutrality has served as a platform where companies compete based on ideas, and no competitive advantage is provided to anyone based on either quality of service or pricing. It should remain that way. [...]