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[Wired] European Commission defends Acta, says it's nothing like Sopa

The European Commission has published a series of statements in support of Acta, highlighting what it claims to be common misconceptions about the treaty. The EC insists that Acta does not restrict freedom of the internet and will not censor or shut down websites. Instead it will target only organised criminals. […]

Despite the Commissions efforts to clear up some of the uncertainty around Acta, online activist group La Quadrature du Net has responded with a post entitled Debunking the EU Commission's Lies About Acta. […]

Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net, says: "The EU Commission is plainly lying to the Members of the European Parliament by presenting ACTA as an acceptable agreement. By signing ACTA together with EU Member States, the EU Commission dismissed the legitimate concerns of thousands of citizens across Europe who have been protesting against ACTA in the past few days. Citizens must contact their elected representatives and remind them what ACTA is all about: circumventing democracy and hurting freedoms to protect the outdated business models of rent-seeking industries." […]

[TechDirt] The SOPA/PIPA Protests Were Not Pro-Piracy... They Were Anti-Crony Capitalism

Larry Lessig has an excellent article over at The Nation, that puts the events of January 18th into perspective. He talks about the Supreme Court's Golan ruling, which rejects the idea that copyright is really limited in any way under the Constitution

But, as he noted, at the very same moment the Supreme Court was granting copyright maximalists and their lobbyists free reign over expanding copyright, something very different was happening out in the free world: it was rejecting those same laws

The (Internet) giant has stopped this craziness—here and now. But the challenge is for the giant to recognize the need to stop this craziness generally. We need a system that is not so easily captured by crony capitalists. [...]

[PressTv] ACTA = Global Internet Censorship - Now even foreign governments will be able to have your website shut down

[...] SOPA and PIPA have been stopped (at least for now) in the United States, but a treaty known as ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is far worse than either of them. ACTA was quietly signed by Barack Obama [...] But it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it.[...] If you are alleged to have violated a copyright, your website can be shut down without a trial and police may even show up at your door to take you to prison.

The American people need to get educated about this new treaty before it is too late. There is still a chance that we could get the U.S. Congress to take action against this new treaty.

[Elpais.Co] Asi es la disputa de dos poderosos bandos por una Sopa que indigesta a internet

La polémica por el proyecto de ley de Estados Unidos contra la piratería ‘on line’ se vive intensamente en el mundo. Entérese de las posiciones a favor y en contra, así como sus efectos en Colombia. […]

[ArsTechnica] Opponents protest signing of ACTA without adequate debate

Over the vocal protests of opponents, 22 European nations signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday. A statement by the Japanese foreign ministry, which hosted the signing ceremony, indicated that the remaining EU member states were expected to sign the agreement "on the completion of respective domestic procedures." The United States, Canada, Japan, and several other nations signed the agreement in October. [...]

The move sparked protests in Europe. Thousands of Poles took to the streets in protest, and more than a dozen members of the Polish parliament donned Guy Fawkes masks to express their displeasure at the signing. [...]

[] Ambasada USA dopytuje się, jak głosują posłowie ws. ACTA. "Skandal"

Pracownica ambasady USA w Warszawie dzwoniła do polskiego Sejmu i wypytywała się o dyscyplinę partyjną podczas głosowania nad dezyderatem do premiera ws. ACTA. - To skandaliczne, nie podlegamy administracji prezydenta Obamy - komentują zażenowani politycy.

Przedczoraj komisja innowacyjności i nowych technologii przyjęła dezyderat wzywający premiera Donalda Tuska, by wstrzymał się z podpisaniem porozumienia ACTA. Dezyderat przyjęto, ponieważ zabrakło trzech posłów z PO, PSL i SLD.

Dzień po głosowaniu przedstawiciel ambasady USA zadzwonił do polskiego Sejmu z pytaniem, jak głosowali posłowie komisji ws. ACTA.,114884,11046835,Ambasada_USA_mo...

[EFF] We Have Every Right to Be Furious About ACTA

[...] Negotiated in secret, ACTA bypassed checks and balances of existing international IP norm-setting bodies, without any meaningful input from national parliaments, policymakers, or their citizens. Worse still, the agreement creates a new global institution, an "ACTA Committee" to oversee its implementation and interpretation that will be made up of unelected members with no legal obligation to be transparent in their proceedings. [...]

[...] ACTA may have been signed by public officials, but it’s crystal clear that they are not representing the public interest.

[WashingtonPost] European parliament’s ACTA monitor quits in protest

The European Parliament’s independent monitor for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) resigned Friday in protest after 22 European Union member states signed the anti-piracy treaty Thursday.

Opposition to that treaty has sparked days of protest online, though the idea behind the treaty has raised concerns among advocates of free speech and electronic freedom for much longer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has voiced its concerns about ACTA for over a year and is encouraging people around the world to take action against the pact [...]

Eva Galperin, an activist with the nonprofit Internet freedom group the Electronic Frontier Foundation, called the whole treaty process “opaque and undemocratic.

[Hs.Fi] Asiantuntijat: Piraattisopimus Actalla vähän vaikutuksia Suomeen

Verkossa viime päivinä kuohuttaneella Acta-sopimuksella on vain vähän suoria vaikutuksia Suomen internet-sääntelyyn, arvioivat HS:n haastattelemat asiantuntijat.

Acta on kansainvälinen väärennösten vastainen sopimus, jonka Suomi yhdessä useiden muiden maiden kanssa allekirjoitti torstaina. […]

"Nämä vaatimukset kattavat lähes kaiken toiminnan internetissä. Esimerkiksi avunantoa piratismiin voidaan käyttää painostuskeinona verkko-operaattoreita kohtaan, jotta ne estäisivät pääsyn joillekin sivustoille", ranskalaisen La Quadrature du Net -järjestön puhemies Jérémie Zimmermann sanoo HS:lle.

[IBTimes] ACTA Protest Guide: Rally Details From Around the World

Protests are spreading across the globe, as outrage grows over the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement treaty in the wake of the SOPA bill being shelved last week by the U.S. Congress.[...]

Now that the furor over the Stop Online Piracy Act has died down following a major Internet blackout last week that led U.S. lawmakers to pull the controversial bill, the focus has shifted to stopping ACTA in its tracks.

There is still time to fight against the treaty, which would restrict the ability of Web sites to engage in open discourse by placing draconian copyright and intellectual property restrictions in place throughout the world.[...]

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