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[] Polish websites to go dark to protest ACTA

Hundreds of people have waged a street protest in Warsaw to protest the government's plan to sign an international copyright treaty, hours before several popular websites plan to go dark for an hour over the issue. [...]

Prime Minister Donald Tusk insisted Tuesday that his government will not give in to the protesters. [...]

ACTA shares some similarities with the hotly debated Stop Online Piracy Act in the US, which was shelved by lawmakers last week after Wikipedia and Google blacked out or partially obscured their websites for a day in protest. [...]

[GlobalVoicesOnline] Poland: Government Will Sign ACTA Despite Massive Protest

“The Acta agreement in no way changes Polish laws or the rights of internet users and internet usage.” - despite a massive Internet protest and controversies around the secret manner of negotiations, Minister of Administration and Digitisation Michal Boni admitted after the meeting with PM Donald Tusk that the government would sign the anti-piracy agreement ACTA on January 26, as planned. [...]

[...] the global media, with a few exceptions, keep silent about the Polish protest, national information services race to publish dozens of opinions, analyses and the latest reports on the ACTA case. In the meantime, the protest movement seems to be getting bigger and bigger: the anti-ACTA protest event on Facebook Nie dla ACTA has reached over 400,000 fans. A real-life protest in Warsaw gathered over 1,000 people on Tuesday, and another one is being planned for Wednesday, January 25. [...]

[EuroNews] Protesters in Poland angry about ACTA

Polish people have showed they disagree with their country’s plan to sign an international treaty on copyright by holding a demonstration outside EU offices in Warsaw.

The measure has provoked similar fury to that against the recently dropped US bill on piracy SOPA, and the another US bill dealing with intellectual property still progressing, known as PIPA.

Some in Poland fear ACTA could lead to online censorship and claim they were not consulted about the treaty.

[] An ACTA of war: Secret censor tool to shake up world wide web

An ACTA of War

Thousands of people have protested both online and on the streets. However, Polish officials have said they will sign the agreement as planned. Government minister Michal Boni said "The ACTA agreement in no way changes Polish laws or the rights of Internet users and Internet usage,” after a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The irony of that statement is that ACTA will do exactly that. It will surpass the sovereign laws of participating nations, especially in the matter of ISP monitoring. [...]

[InfoSecurity] Anti ACTA hacktivists attack Polish government sites

Hactivists have attacked Polish government websites in protest at its intention to sign The Polish protests coincided with calls by advocacy group La Quadrature du Net for opposition to ACTA in the same way that stalled controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

Opponents of ACTA in Poland say the government has not carried out sufficient public consultation on the issue. But Polish officials say ACTA does not change Polish law or the rights of internet users and internet usage, according to the BBC.

The EU Parliament’s development committee’s first debate on its draft opinion report on ACTA is set to take place this week.

[TVPParlament] KE: ACTA nie ogranicza praw

Obawy aktywistów w sieci są bezpodstawne; kłamstwem jest sugerowanie, że międzynarodowa umowa o przeciwdziałaniu piractwu ACTA ogranicza swobodę w internecie” – napisał w komentarzu rzecznik Komisji Europejskiej ds. handlu John Clancy.

Clancy zaznaczył też, że w ostatnich czterech rundach rozmów międzynarodowych, negocjatorzy spotkali się z organizacjami pozarządowymi informując je o przebiegu rozmów i wysłuchując ich uwag. Clancy wymienił przedstawicieli organizacji Pirate Party, ActUp, Oxfam, MSF, Quadrature du Net oraz Declaration de Berne.

Komisja zapewnia, że ACTA nie spowoduje zmiany unijnych przepisów, nie tworzy też nowych praw własności intelektualnej. Dotyczy jedynie egzekwowania istniejącego prawa oraz zapobiegania jego naruszeniom na dużą skalę, za którymi stoją często organizacje przestępcze.

[NetzPolitik] NPP116: Jeremie Zimmermann über ACTA, Netzneutralität & Hadopi

Der Netzpolitik-Podcast Folge 116 ist ein rund 53 Minuten langes Gespräch mit Jeremie Zimmermann über La Quadrature du Net, ACTA, Netzneutralität, Netzzensur, sowie die Hadopi-Gesetzgebung und die Vorratsdatenspeicherungsdebatte in Frankreich.

Der Podcast ist in englisch und liegt als MP3 und OGG auf dem Server.

[Examiner] Online piracy battle now turns international with ACTA

[...] ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is a proposed agreement for establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement. The United States, The European Union, and several other nations have been discussing the agreement since 2007. [...]

There is one informational website, which is maintained by La Quadrature du Net, an advocacy group that promotes the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet. La Quadrature du Net advocates for the adaptation of French and European legislation to respect the founding principles of the Internet. [...]

[Techdirt] What Is ACTA And Why Is It A Problem?

Yesterday I noted that the anti-SOPA/PIPA crowd seemed to have just discovered ACTA. And while I'm pleased that they're taking interest in something as problematic as ACTA, there was a lot of misinformation flowing around, [...] I thought I'd do a short post on ACTA to hopefully clarify some of what's been floating around.

First off, ACTA, unlike SOPA/PIPA, is not "a law." It's a trade agreement, in which a variety of countries agree to deal with intellectual property infringement in a similar fashion.[...]

For example, ACTA initially tried to establish much stronger secondary liability for ISPs, including effectively requiring a "graduated response" or "three strikes" plan for ISPs, that would require them to kick people accused (not convicted) of infringement multiple times offline. One of the key problems with ACTA has been how broadly worded it is and how open to interpretation it is.[...]

[HuffingtonPost] ACTA Protests In Poland: Groups Fear Copyright Treaty Will Lead To Censorship

WARSAW, Poland -- Hundreds of people waged a street protest in Warsaw on Tuesday to protest the government's plan to sign an international copyright treaty, while several popular websites also shut down for an hour over the issue. [...]

Several popular websites replaced their normal content with a statement about ACTA, including several that are popular with young people and carry a mix of celebrity news, jokes, funny photographs and other entertaining material. [...]

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