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[JakartaGlobe] Internet’s Big Names Prepare to Woo World Leaders at ‘E-G8’

With blogs and Tweets oiling the wheels of revolutions in some countries and scans and downloads sparking trade disputes in others, the stakes are high for leaders seeking to promote and profit from the Web but also to regulate it.

Under the guise of a pseudo-consultative process, it is the governments’ desire to control the Internet a bit more that is becoming apparent,” French Internet freedom campaign group La Quadrature du Net wrote on its Web site.

Sarkozy has called for “a civilized Internet” and has proposed another gathering, on online copyright protection, ahead of the November meeting of leaders of the Group of 20 [...]

[AFP] Internet bosses woo world leaders at 'e-G8'

With blogs and Tweets oiling the wheels of revolutions in some countries and scans and downloads sparking trade disputes in others, the stakes are high for leaders seeking to promote and profit from the web but also to regulate it.

"Under the guise of a pseudo-consultative process, it is the governments' desire to control the Internet a bit more that is becoming apparent," French Internet freedom campaign group Le Quadrature du Net wrote on its website.
"Behind the smokescreen of this 'forum', citizens must hold world leaders more responsible for their actions and denounce the many continual breaches of their liberties."

Media freedom campaigners including Reporters Without Borders have criticised moves by some European countries, such as a recent French law making web users liable to prosecution if they illegally download films and music.

[NYTimes] Chaos of Internet Will Meet French Sense of Order

The first-of-its-kind event is being convened by President Nicolas Sarkozy to put the Internet firmly on the agenda of the Group of 8 countries [...]. But an alternate view is that the president wants to push his often-invoked vision of a “civilized Internet” — one that is safer for children, more favorable to copyright owners and more lucrative for the French treasury.

The get-together comes as the Internet takes a central role in powering economic growth and empowering societies, as revolutions in the Arab world have shown. At the same time, digital piracy in the West and censorship in China continue to vex policy makers, prompting calls for greater coordination of Internet strategies.

In spite of a harmless sounding rhetoric, the E-G8 Forum is a smokescreen to cover control of governments over the Internet,” wrote Jérémie Zimmermann, a spokesman for La Quadrature du Net, a group that campaigns against restrictions on the Internet.

[] France lobbies G8 for Internet control and censorship

Sarkozy's French government is hosting an "EG8" summit on Internet policy and have invited lots of technical people [...] the Sarkozy agenda is control and censorship. Jeremie from La Quadrature du Net sez :

"The Elysee (French Presidency) does not want to hear anything about cyberdissidents or freedom of expression, it wants 'control'." [...] (about the reasons behind the cancellation of a pre-G8 international conference on freedom of expression online)

This policy directly originated from the French presidency, and was imposed on the Foreign Affairs Ministry.[...]

[] Fight back against Sarkozy's EG8 -- an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit

Jeremie Zimmermann from La Quadrature du Net sez,

As a host of the G8, France's president Nicolas Sarkozy wants to step up centralized control over the Internet. He has convened world leaders to a summit aimed at working towards a 'civilized Internet' a concept he borrowed from the Chinese government. [...]

The Internet allows us to express our opinions universally. The Internet unites us and makes us strong. It is a space in which the common civilisation of our diverse planet meets. [...]

I was invited to the EG8 and declined. I believe it's a whitewash, an attempt to get people who care about the Internet to lend credibility to regimes that are in all-out war with the free, open net. [...]

[] "Urheberrecht wird von Lobbyisten bestimmt"

Die französische Bürgerrechtsorganisation La Quadrature Du Net macht sich für Grundrechte im Internet und mehr Bürgerbeteiligung an politischen Prozessen stark. Die futurezone hat Jérémie Zimmermann, den Mitgründer und Sprecher der Intiative, zur Urheberrechtsgesetzgebung und netzpolitische Weichenstellungen in der EU sowie zu den Auswirkungen des Netzsperrengesetzes Hadopi in Frankreich befragt.

[...]Hadopi ist eine Art Vogelscheuche, die die Leute abschrecken soll. Es gibt sicherlich einige Leute, die sich durch Hadopi von der Nutzung von Filesharing-Netzwerken abhalten lassen und stattdessen direkte Downloads und Streaming-Dienste verwenden. Das hat natürlich auch Auswirkungen auf das Ökosystem des Internet. [...]

Wir sehen uns nicht in einem Konkurrenzverhältnis zu den Lobbyisten. Wir sind Bürger, die für ihre Freiheiten eintreten, während die Lobbyisten Industrien repräsentieren und Partikularinteressen vertreten. Wir versuchen, die Gesetzgebungsprozesse verständlich zu machen und es so den Bürgern zu ermöglichen, für ihre Interessen einzutreten.

[] MEPs back common European spectrum policy

Members of the European Parliament have overwhelmingly backed plans to co-ordinate mobile broadband spectrum across the continent, in a move that could increase the spread of online connectivity.

Digital rights organisation La Quadrature du Net offered an enthusiastic reaction to the passed bill, noting that it supports shared and unlicensed use of spectrum, and therefore "paves the way for the development of the next generations of free wireless internet communications".

Amendments included in the adopted text encourage the use of the unused 'white spaces' between frequencies allocated to industries, as well as wireless mesh network technology, the group noted.

[Euractiv] Barnier to endorse Spanish-style Internet policing for EU

The European Commission is contemplating making Internet providers police their networks to tackle illegal downloads, a highly contested measure which is currently being scrutinised by the European Court of Justice.

The open Internet advocacy group, la Quadrature du Net, has often argued that infringements should be treated like any other crime in a court of law – innocent until proven guilty – and not on an ad-hoc basis executed by industry players.

Ireland is the first country to introduce filtering after Internet service provider Eircom caved into the pressure of a lawsuit filed against it by the music industry.

[ArsTechnica] Revised 'Net censorship bill requires search engines to block sites, too

Surprise! After months in the oven, the soon-to-be-released new version of a major US Internet censorship bill didn't shrink in scope—it got much broader. Under the new proposal, search engines, Internet providers, credit card companies, and ad networks would all have cut off access to foreign "rogue sites"— [...]

[...] Last week, when the Department of Homeland Security leaned on Mozilla to remove a Firefox add-on making it simple to bypass domain name seizures, we wondered at the request.[...]
[...] "what the next logical step in this progression will be: requiring search engines to stop returning results for seized domain names?"
Turns out that's exactly what's being contemplated.[...]

The emphasis here is on forcing intermediaries to get involved in policing such sites.[...]

[OSnews] US Carriers Work with Google to Block Tethering

It's no secret that carriers like Verizon and AT&T do not like tethering. They only like tethering when you pay for more expensive data plans that allow it, but if you don't have such a plan, you're not allowed, by the terms of service, to use tethering applications. [...] This is now coming to an end, as carriers are working together with Google to block certain devices from installing these tethering devices from the Android Market.

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