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[Timesofindia.Indiatimes] Blow to Sarko as cyber attacks hit e-G 8 - The Times of India

PARIS: French President Nicolas Sarkozy's "e-G 8" summit on the power of the internet suffered a technical hiccup when cyber-attacks disrupted the forum's wireless connection, organisers said on Wednesday. […]

Web freedom campaign group La Quadrature du Net rejected rumours […] "That shows that some people are ill at ease with our presence at the e-G 8," Jeremie Zimmermann , head of the group, which has fiercely criticised the stance of major delegates on online regulation, said. […]

[] Tech titans’ optimism fades under Paris sun

[...] Paris rolled out the red carpet for the titans of Silicon Valley [...] to introduce France’s latest contribution to global summitry, the “e-G8”.

And as the tent steamed up under the sun and the batteries on guests’ iPhones drained, the enthusiasm for the e-G8 waned. Old arguments about protecting copyright online were reheated but remained unresolved.

Resigned, perhaps, to the downside of greater government involvement in their industry, one borrowed phrase captured best the forum’s hopes: “Do no harm.

We should insist on minimalism,” said Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor. “The future of the internet is not here, it was not invited ... The least we can do is preserve the architecture of this network that protects this future that is not here.

[] Why it is right to fight web pirates

It was probably inevitable that when Nicolas Sarkozy invited the leaders of the world’s biggest technology companies and high representatives of Silicon Valley to Paris to mull over the future of the internet, a culture war would break out.

At the other end were activists and open source advocates such as John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Yochai Benkler, a Harvard law professor, warning governments to back off. The internet was not broken now, they said, but efforts to protect publishers, film and music companies could break it.

[...] There were good reasons for the invention of copyright in the 18th century that are not obviated by the 20th century invention of the internet.

[Vimeo] La société civile s'en va t'en guerre à l' e-G8

Improvised press conference of the civil society during the e-G8 Forum in Paris led by Jérémie Zimmermann (porte-parole de La Quadrature du Net) and with Jeff Jarvis (Professor in Journalism at City University New York) ; Lawrence Lessig (Professor at HArvard Law School, founder of Creative Commons) ; Susan P. Crawford (former ICANN member) ; Jean-François Julliard (directeur de Reporter Sans Frontières) ; Yochai Benkler (co-director of Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet).

[Zdnet.Co.Uk] EU looks to service providers for copyright enforcement

The European Commission has published a policy blueprint for dealing with intellectual property rights, promising among other things to focus on service providers in the fight against online copyright infringement. […]

"All service providers concerned have to respect an appropriate level of care in their commercial operations," the Commission added, while stressing that the approach did not mean changing the safe harbour provisions of the e-Commerce Directive, which broadly protect service providers from liability for what goes on over their networks.

Nonetheless, the digital rights group La Quadrature du Net responded to the IPR Strategy by saying it was intended to force providers to police their users.

"The goal of EU authorities is to use technical means to block communications and restrict users' access in the name of enforcing an obsolete vision of copyright. "
– Jérémie Zimmermann, La Quadrature du Net

[] eG8: Kritik an Nicolas Sarkozys Internet-Gipfel

[...] Das „eG8“ genannte Treffen sei eine große Inszenierung, schimpfte die Organisation Quadratur du Net, die sich für ein freies und offenes Internet einsetzt. „Es dient vor allem dazu, dass eine Regierung, die im Grunde nichts von der Welt des Internet versteht, sich im Kreis von Internet-Größen zeigt“, sagte der Sprecher Jérémie Zimmermann.

Am Vortag hatte sich Sarkozy für ein Minimum an Regeln im Internet ausgesprochen, um unter anderem Kinderpornografie zu verhindern und Autorenrechte besser zu schützen. Bei seinen Zuhörern war er damit auf Skepsis gestoßen.[...]

[News.Idg.No] An EU firewall won't protect kids, says top legislator

The European Union's top legislator on digital issues has said that education and awareness are the best way to protect children online, dealing a blow to plans for a so-called European Union firewall. […]

[V3.Co.Uk] Rights groups revolt as Sarkozy reveals plans to stamp out internet freedoms

Internet rights advocates have expressed anger after French president Nicolas Sarkozy opened the first ever e-G8 forum in Paris on Tuesday with an impassioned argument to increase internet regulation.

Sarkozy said that the same privacy and protection rules that govern democratic countries should also be applied online. […]

A press conference is being held today to rally support for the campaign, attended by spokespeople from Icann, Reporters Without Borders and La Quadrature du Net (LQN).

"The world's most developed economies are poised to impose strict copyright enforcement and heavy-handed government regulation of the internet," said a joint statement by LQN and non-profit organisation Access Now.

[ArsTechnica] France attempts to “civilize” the Internet; Internet fights back

For some time, French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy has talked about his dream of a “civilized” Internet, but this dream has long been a nightmare for those who worry that “civilization” is really a code for “regulations favorable to big business and the national security state.” […]

The French Internet activists at La Quadrature du Net have been even tougher. Governments “have entered an alliance with some of these companies, united in the fear of the new capabilities afforded to individuals by the Internet and computers,” said spokesperson Jérémie Zimmermann.

So when Sarkozy took the stage of the e-G8 this morning, suspicions about his true motives were already rampant. And he did little to dispel them. […]

[] "Der Zugang für alle ist in Gefahr"

Der Internet-Bürgerrechtler Jérémie Zimmermann kämpft gegen Versuche der Politik, das Netz stärker zu kontrollieren und zu überwachen. Ein Gespräch über das G-8-Treffen, Zensur in Frankreich und den Dilettantismus der Piratenpartei.

Zimmermann: Es gibt viele beunruhigende Entwicklungen. Und am schlimmsten ist das, was diese Woche beim G-8-Gipfel passiert.

Wir sind wirklich gerade an einem kritischen Moment, es besteht die Gefahr, dass das Internet fundamental seinen Charakter verändert - der Zugang für alle ist in Gefahr. Sarkozy tönt ja seit Monaten, er werde für ein "zivilisiertes Internet" kämpfen. Was das bedeutet, sieht man ja seit zwei Jahren.

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